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rasp vs mickey mouse


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It is important to note the difference between Axl's good clean voice and his bad clean voice (Mickey Mouse)

Check Sailing from 2006 for an amazing example of strong, clean vocals from the Axman, and there are several examples from this tour as well when the clean voice sounds killer.

Difference is that Axl is much more secure pitch-wise than he ever was in 01-02. Let's not forget he has also had bronchitis recently, something which can affect the vocal cords for an extended period of time.

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If civil war was with rasp,i like it now with rasp

if you could be mine was with rasp,i like it now with rasp

if estranged was with rasp, i like it now with rasp

I like the songs how it used to be,and Axl trademark is a RASP VOICE,its like lemmy singing with falsseto the ace of spades.

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Groghan, dude, I partially agree on the misuse of describing Chinese Democracy as epic. People overhyped the shit out of the record. Folks would go on about how There Was A Time would make Frank Zappa, and Beck humble at the mantle of Axl Rose. Then again, some would say This I Love is this generation's Paradise Lost.

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