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Guns N' Roses tour dates 2012 - MyGNR official roll call!


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I said I was going to terminal 5 but I think im going to shoot for first show instead..

Just because of the presale bs. Can't spend 225 plus lodging transportation and food/drugs/alcohol. Roseland sounds like a better venue neways. Just saw em in Worcester so I had to justify the trip with an 80 dollar ticket. Forget 200+

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Rotterdam here i come!!!!!!!

That's what I wanted to say!!!!

So, I'm in as well :thumbsup:

What are the best seats to buy, not really familair with ahoy. I have to sit unfortunately, cause of back problems. So anybody knows?

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Gold VIP for Atlantic City.

It better be worth it.

It will be :thumbsup: Shame you can't do The Ritz...I was looking forward to meeting up with you again!

Ah, I know. I souls have thought about it more and gotten the VIP for that one the day they went on sale. :(

But to be honest, I accidentally bought this VIP ticket :lol:

I'm just going there's more to it than a lithograph and a souvenir laminate.

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Just purchased two GOLD VIP tickets for A.C.

I've been watching this forum for years. Long time fan. Saw the Illusion tour in Phialdelphia at the Spectrum in 1991. After a no show in Philadelphia a few years back, I just started following all of the shows and getting updates online. With so much time spent watching the band and how things have unfolded over the years, I am really excited to be a long time GN'R fan. Can't wait for the show.

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Another one for Dublin Ireland!!!!

Taken daughter so I shall be up a little higher then normal ........sure as hell beats Jedwerd (could post a Youtube link but would sicken the innocent Yanks at the depravity that the kids are into today)

Tickets pinned to the wall and with luck (and good planning) this house is gonna be a whole lot cleaner!!!

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