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I just got my 2 GA tickets for me and the girlfriend. Two questions:

1. Who is up for a pre party and where?

2. Where is everyone staying and where can I get a good deal? Even during the weekend, rates in AC are insane. I am zeroed in on the Hilton or maybe the Ramada right now. At least the Ramada offers a free shuttle into town.

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Me and my girlfriend are goin as well just bought my tickets. The hob is in the showboat and rates for the night are about 200 a night. I may stay there or the taj because the casinos connect and the taj is nicer.

I'm down for a pre party tho ill be getting there around 6-7pm let me know what goin on bro.

P.s. I'm fucking hyped can't wait!!!

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I think we met in Wilkes-Barre. My husband and are going to this show. Staying at the Showboat. I called a deal site and got the room for 161.00 for a king bed total including fees. Another forum member mentioned there is a Groupon available for the Taj. We plan to get there around 1 pm that day to scope things out and walk around some. I'm sure my husband will play some tables. We got the Gold VIPs so hopefully we don't have to wait n line all day to be in the front. Still can't believe I waited 19 years the first time to see them and they are coming this close again within 3 months!

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I used easyclicktravel.com and called them for a better rate than they had listed on their site, they knocked another 13 dollars off the internet price when I called. Needed to try to save every dime after dropping 515 bucks on Gold VIPs! Good luck, I was a little taken back by the prices down there as well. I would think they would have the prices a little lower to encourage more people to come gamble!

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We're flying in from Tampa and staying Thursday - Sunday. Tix and Airfare are taken care of, just researching hotels. My wife and I are making a mini-vacation out of it, so we're looking for a solid hotel with a decent location.

Priceline has a 3.5* hotel in the Name Your Own Price option for $110. This is likely the Sheraton Convention Center and would be a pretty decent deal!

All the Harrah's properties seem fairly reasonable with the exception, of course being Saturday night. Just don't know which one to pick!


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