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LA Weekly ad


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I loved the one that said. "All we ever wanted was for you to know that we care". That is really nice, and is the sentiment that I would want Axl to get from the fans or me at least.

On the other hand their is one that says "I wish I could be a part of you by tattooing your skin cuz you are a part of my heart and soul" :huh:

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I've readed about this a liitle while ago on HTGTH. Great to see that they actually did it. :thumbsup:

Seems like the CD folks took the lead, $2,900 for the ad.

I think it's awesome, a big :thumbsup: to them!

And I don't think it would have been wise to add the HOF persuasion line, he already knows how important it is to his fandom and it's probably not appropriate to make a request in a birthday greeting.

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