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I have released my album and launched my website

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Yay !

It's been a seven months journey but it's finally here !

My website :


'The Cockroach Sessions' is a project that started back in August 2011 as I began scoring the Olympus 2207 demo.

It is a collection of songs that range from orchestral, to electro-rock, to industrial with elements of world music. Some of them were done for Olympus 2207 and were remixed and remastered for the album, others were done for the N.O.W project, while half of them were done exclusively for this album.

The cover was drawn by Axel Torvenius.

Here are some excerpts :

If you want the album, you can get it from IndieGogo

( Please read the description on that IndieGogo link : I am trying to raise some money to improve my studio and, thus, be able to make some more professional sounding music and thus, score bigger projects )

If you cannot or do not want to contribute to this project but still want to help, share my indiegogo page. That would help me immensely !

Thank you for your time and for listening to the excerpts !

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Thank you guys.

Btw, changed the price to 8 bucks for both the mp3 and the lossless version as I think they were a bit too high...

EDIT : do not hesitate to tell me if you think it's still too high for what it is.

Once again, the goal isn't to make this album the new AFD and blow record sales : it is to raise money to improve my studio.

I do not aim to be a successful "musician", to go on tour, to release albums. I just want to be a "composer" and score soundtracks to games and short movies...

Since it's the first time I'm trying to sell any music it's pretty much a shot in the dark so if you think it's still way too expensive, please, DO TELL ME so I can adjust the price.

I want everybody who is interested in getting the album to be able to get it because quite a few people have commented on how good the excerpts sound but only one person has bought it so far ^^'...

Ok it's been available for only a few hours but you still get the idea : tell me what you think of the prices !

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As a sign of gratitude for those who have bought my album so far :

A free, unreleased, track !

It is called "FINAL BOSS : Into the Cockroach Nest" and it's a bit on the trailer music / orchestral / dubstep side.


( the link to download the track is in the description of the video )

This is the first of several free tracks to further complete the album !

Enjoy !

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"The Afterglow" is a limited release track, available with each new purchase of the album until March 25th ( previous buyers are able to download it too ).

It's an atmospheric blues song, with slide guitare, baritone western spaghetti parts etc...

You can hear an excerpt here here and get the album and song, if you're so enclined, there

Finally and with something completely different : if your french isn't too rusty, you can listen to an half-hour interview about the album that I did with



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As promised, I will buy the album to help support! Just a question before I do, after I claim the perk or whatever they are calling it, will that bring me to a download link?

Thank you :)

Whenever you buy the album I receive an email and immediately send you one ( or several ) private comments with the download links.

It MIGHT take some time as I'm at work but you will receive them in a matter of hours at most :)

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