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Did GNR forget to play Chinese Democracy last night?


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Chinese democracy is sooooooo 2011....didn't you see GNR saying goodbye 2011 in Vegas.....those 2 fingers ?

Wake up....this is 12 !!!!

2012 will give us new music....new opener....

ok ok... they could have played chindem untill there finally will be that new opener song...

but let's stay in a happy pink mood...





really !!!

And meanwhile to everybody....check out Youtube... more and more songs appear...and even knowing that Youtube doesn't do justice to the real thing....

Last night was very ok....

and for those who disagree....keep on being in that bad mood...or realistic...or whatever

see ya

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I would like to think that these up close and personal shows that the band are doing right now are warm up shows as well as shows to introduce a different set of material.

Although I am very surprised that the band didn't open with CD.

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Yeah so whatsupwitdat?

As everyone knows I support GNR and Axl no matter how ridiculous the situation is but this is too much.....

Axl is going through the motions and its starting to show, even to the most loyal and faithful supporters. As an 'up close and personal' gig, I would've expected an acoustic set, some changes to the setlist - things like that. In fact, there were changes to the setlist, he forgot to fucking play half of the CD songs he should have!

Last night's show was the anti-up close and personal, so maybe the joke's on us. I also hate that he hides behind those dumb hats and 90's sunglasses. Axl show off your transplants with pride! Why doesn't Axl just do the Maynard and perform the show from behind the drummer behind a curtain??

It's his choice what he wears or how he looks like, it's not up to others to demand.

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Chin Dem isn't played last night 'cause it's connected to that intro...and that intro was, as we all know, The General.

It was a bit early to play new music but later they will.

Chin Dem will be back....back to back with the General !

They played Chinese Democracy without The General intro last tour.

OK...sorry...so fuckin true....Dexter introduced the band


Chin Dem will be back... back to back with The General !

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