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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kid A

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Yeah both were solid. Watch The Throne was a pleasant surprise... I like that collab from top to bottom.

Only reason why I like College Dropout better is because it was raw Kanye. He changed his style a bit, and it was before you had people like Nicki Minaj(can't stand that bitch) and Rick Ross bombing tracks on albums. MBDTF had a different sound but it was good.

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I love MBDTF. It was my first time giving Kanye a serious shot (before that I got through about half of 808s before saying "fuck this guy"), and I was surprised at how layered and well-produced it was (save for everything being so brickwalled). It hardly feels like a rap album at points, and besides a good majority of the songs being good in their own right, he deserves some credit for trying to sound a bit different from everyone else out there.

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