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What do you think the extent of skwerl's impact was on Axl?


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First question: who/what is skwerl? Squirrel? :D English isn't my mother tongue, that's why I'm asking.

what/who is skewl?, is that an abbreviation or 'nother name for....?

Skwerl is the screen-name for the dude who uploaded the unreleased chinese democracy leaks to the interwebz.

Axl threw Cogill a softball legally because he was a fan; didn't MSL indicate that Axl wrote a letter to Robin Finck playing down the effect of the leaks?

Yes I believe MSL claimed to have an email from Axl to Robin indicating that the positive interwebz chatter in response to the leaks bode well for the band. The authenticity of that email, however, has yet to be established credibly.

edit: btw LandOla, I love that picture. I lol'd.

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