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UK Ticket Prices?


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think its 50.00 its cheaper to sit that what im doing,

Fifty fuycking quid. Ridiculous. I'll still gladly pay it and go like I have every other time, but no wonder they can't sell out some shows at that price. Especially when ticket touts buy shit loads and then put them on ebay for three times the price.

All that being said, I'm just glad they're playing Liverpool at last. Gonna be a helluva expensive month for me now.

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Genuinely not sure if I can be bothered going considering those prices.

They were decent in Glasgow in 2006 (fantastic at Donington when it got going) but I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay that much considering the set really hasn't changed a huge amount. Yes there's a handful more of Chi Dem songs and also maybe Civil War/Estranged but apart from that it's the same "greatest hits".

If they specifically announced that they would be performing new material or even rarer songs then I'd probably go but the set seems more geared towards the casual fan and because of that I'm not really bothered.

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