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So I emailed 4tus about Tonto...


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"Flayer to 4tus

Feb 26 (2 days ago)

Hey Richard!

First off, got to congratulate you on the awesome tours you've had with Guns over the last year. I've been following the shows online and I managed to catch front row to Kansas City, it was everything I'd hoped it would be!

I found that song demo called Tonto on your website, there's been kind of a buzz about it ever since on the forum. Basically, the MSL guy who claimed to have gotten all these files from Axl's laptop a while back had Tonto listed as one of the tracks on the upcoming next album. No one agrees on whether MSL's story is a truth or a lie, some of the things he claimed have turned out true and some not. But having Tonto in his list and then finding a version of it up on your site doesn't look like coincidence.

Understanding that CD II talk is out of your hands, is there anything you can tell me about that track? It's an odd one but I think it actually sounds pretty cool, especially the second half.

Thanks, and good luck on the rest of the touring this year!


"4tus to Flayer

4:53 PM (2 hours ago)

Nope, sorry, that track on my site is from music that i did for a video game a while back. That track wasn't used in the game.

It has/had nothing to do with Gn'R"

"Flayer to 4tus

show details 7:53 PM (5 minutes ago)

Cool. Thanks for clearing that up, 4tus."

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Does Richard even know who MSL is? I've been here over 4 years and I just recently figured out that MSL was the initials to his screen name.

Lol I dunno about fortus but if Uve been here four years and r just figuring that out Uve been sleeping.

Or I don't listen to bullshitters.

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I think the list msl had were possible new songs that the band might do live.

Because bumble said goin down was an old blues song and I really doubt with the nu GNR sound that they would record that. The same goes for light my fire.

So I think tonto was a Richard fortus song brought to guns because it wasn't used in that video game.

Who the fuck knows though?

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I'm with Hitman here, I don't think this proves that MSL lied about anything. His credentials shouldn't really be questioned at this point. You should probably change the title under the thread, it's shitty to play fast and loose with someones reputation.

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the funny thing about this is that people actually think fortus would divulge GNR info. to a nobody on the internet...especially given the tight lips/gag order/whatever you wanna call it.

Gag order?

Proof please

No, no, I don't mean there is one, that's why I said tight lips/whatever you want to call it, just to refer to the hush hush nature of this band, and the seemingly tightly guarded flow of information that we've seen over the past 15 or so years. This in mind, it's a little hard for me to believe that one of the band members is just gonna tell some random kid online something that we've all been wondering for a while. I know it's something he might know about, because the song tonto was on his website, I get that, but he's not just gonna divulge GNR info like that to anybody, he knows better.

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Hahaha, this is funny. If it's not GnR material, there wouldn't be a GnR gag order on it regardless of whether or not said gag exists. I'll concede though that the subtitle of the thread should be removed, it's not valid to the facts.

Anyway, let's do a little google research.

Oh, what did we find?


"Untitled Document"

"2 mp3s from an upcoming activision video game (hosted

on jellfish.com)

4 more mp3s from those sessions

dead man mix 2

robert johnson mix 1

tonto electro mix 3

western mix 1"

Are you still gonna insist that Fortus lied to me?

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