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Most emotional "Don't Cry" ever?


Most Emotional "Don't Cry"?  

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Why was Axl crying?

I believe he didn't want to perform it anymore after one of his best friends Shannon Hoon (blind melon) died in 1994 or 95 I think, Shannon Hoon sang backing vocals and co wrote the song with him on UYI

No, Don't Cry was written by Axl and Izzy. Shannon just sang on the song, had nothing to do with writing it. It's claimed to be the first GNR song ever written.

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Okay, not particularly emotional but this is the version of Don't Cry that plays in my head every time I think about that song for some reason...

Ever since I saw it it's been stuck in by head.

There is a 2010 one that always makes me cry though, I'll try and find the vid later.

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YES thank you! i remember the forum went crazy when we got news of Axl singing it!!! ty ty ty ty ty ty! love that version! emotional ...

I think he sang it three or so times in 2007 (that I remember at least). There's audio of Tokyo, a video or two of Osaka, and one more I think. I had to change the video quickly when I realized it was the wrong one.

Chiba, Japan was the first one if I recall.

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I say no also. Guess its one of those things that you have to be there. It did it for you man and thats all that matters. but for me its always going to be ther first time Ron got him too sing.

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