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Could anybody does explain when began enmity between Axl and Bon Jovi and real reason?

Lucky girl

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its true bon jovi sells bigger shows than guns...i hate bon jovi but they appeal to a larger audience and have fans as old as guns fans. some guns fans who are older will simply not go to a show because they are not going to wait until midnight for a show to start and then watch for 3 hours. i went to van halen at the garden the other night and made me feel real shitty how packed it was and know that guns cant do that. guns put on one of the best shows out there, but for many different reasons they cant sell out large venues...in closing-fuck bon jovi.

I just don't like using box office as a barometer of talent. Milli Vanilli sold 5 million records.

Who are selling out arenas/stadiums 20+ years after their heyday?

U2, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Stones, Springsteen, Metallica..

Yes, this is not a barometer of talent :rolleyes:

If a show sells out because the band has a devoted following, it doesn't matter if it's a theater or a stadium, but if they had to downgrade from an arena to a theater, that always looks bad.

But Madonna can sell out a stadium, yet you can have the best musicians in the world playing a jazz club playing to a half empty room.

Some people can just be legends and have people showing up, they don't have to be great at it. A lot of people complained about Black Sabbath not living up to expectations. People complained about the KISS reunion not being as good as they thought it was going to be.

Scarcity doesn't hurt though. Someone who rarely tours that has a devoted following will sell their shows out.

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Lol, here you go... Axl's best Rant EVER!!!!

Starts around 3:25

I think i never heard this . Lol really ? 5 guys TO HOLD YOU DOWN ???i think it was more like 9 or 10 Axl , but maybe you dont remenber :P. Wow i guess Axl worked out a lot back then :P because thatS the only explanation ..not like guys tend to change a little bit their fight stories to brag or whatevr hehehe

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