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Freddie Mercury Vs Ronnie James Dio



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Freddie's gonna win, but I grew up on Dio, and his voice is just so angelic! You can't top Stargazer, As Long As It's Not About Love, Catch the Rainbow, Falling Off the Edge of the World, and Don't Talk to Strangers. He's just got this eeriness about his voice, you know? Sends chills down my spine. And he's a beast live. Doesn't do much for me in the frontman department, but he never really did lose his voice. And fuck, his scream in Gypsy is one of the finest moments in rock music, and he improved it so many times live. :wub:

I've never gotten into Freddie personally, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. His voice on Innuendo and Prophet's Song is the most bitchin' I've ever heard from him.

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Ronnie even rocked back then

I love the stuff he did with The Prophets. My personal favorite:

Is this poll a joke?

Mercury is the best singer of all time.

Dio isn't even in the top 50 of his genre.

Guess you don't listen to much metal at all if that's your opinion.

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Sig me a song your the singerrrrrr!

RJD is better imo than Freddie, not to say this poll was a close match. I mean I do like Freedie's voice and he does have one of the best vocals for rock out there, but have always enjoyed Ronnie's bands/solo work more than Freddie or Queen.

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Just on vocals alone, would have to go with Ronnie over Freddie.

Twisted Sister was doing Rainbow and Black Sabbath covers before Stay Hungry, and if you hear it on You Tube..going to be surprised how close Dee is. Blackmore and Snider live around the same part of Long Island, too...

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