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The website has info on the simulcast... with Duff doing a show the night before, could prove to be worth just going to that and watching it live from the museum. If GnR hit the stage, you're going to see half the audience's phones lit up and sending Tweets out in seconds.

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I would be VERY surprised if Duff doesn't play with some original members of GNR at HOB the night before. It says 9 PM to midnight with a one hour spoken word portion and then audience Q&A, can't imagine 2 hours of just Q&A with no performance. Probably a good idea to get tix for HOB.

It sounds like a planned out show, and I'm sure someone's going to Tweet him with a question about other people joining him on stage. That's real iffy. I think if they happen to be there, all depends on if they read the book and know what he's going to talk about. To me the guy went from founding Seattle rock to jumping right in the middle of the Sunset Strip at its peak, rose not just to stardom, but to a level of fame few have ever experienced, then pulling himself out of the downward spiral, becoming a family man, and balancing the lives of rock star and dad out ever since.

I don't know, if you were his kids or bandmate, would you want to see the photos from that time where he looked completely horrible, or having to hear him talk about offing himself? It's a given Susan will be there, and his kids might not feel like listening to dad ramble for a couple of hours... they prob. didn't even read the book, and doubt they care much about anyone who's at the Rock Hall... what teenager who listens to pop music cares about that? Not on their radar. Just the lot of kids who got into classic rock.

But it sounds like a good event in itself, and if a mini-reunion were to happen, great, but he already gets together with all of them socially and professionally. If they're adding to his show, then sure. But as a history lesson or a survivor's story, worth the money. Maybe he's having it shot on video?

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