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we like low quality videos better than the HD ones


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well the low quality concert videos tend to have at least some sort of distortion rasp that we are missing.

I realized that everything that was posted on the forum like "best performance ever" of chinese or of shacklers or whatever they are all low quality shots !

when we get the axl's monitor recording then we go on and on about the mickey mouse voice...

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Ignorance is bliss

Maybe the sound design (compressors, filters, EQ) are dialed in to produce good sound from the speakers, to the audience. Who knows what we're really hearing on the soundboard mix and what kind of treatement it has or hasn't received.

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This is HD from the Philly show.

Nothing wrong here.

well thats only HD video. not audio.

thats not from the mixing board or axls monitor

I'm not convinced that you're right. Philly had moments when you could clearly hear Mickey even at the show, but also moments where he was clearly locked in. Listen to Civil War on the live streams - he clearly locks the rasp in at points, even on the soundboard audio.

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