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Does Anybody else think that GNR should permanently replace the AC/DC cover songs with Rolling Stones cover songs?

ITW 2012

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To be honest, I would love to see them drop LALD and Heaven's Door.

At the last show, didn't they do six covers?

I'd love to see them drop all six covers and replace them with six songs from the next album.

BUt as to the original question. Maybe. If they are going to make covers a staple in their setlist, it would be cool if they played different ones every tour. So next tour, drop the current ones and play a few new ones. Though in all honesty, when I saw them last year, Riff Raff really put forth a ton of energy into the show. I saw surprised at how good they made the song.

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Yeah, that or The General and Soul Monster. :rolleyes:


People need to learn to wait :tongue2:


I can perfectly imagine Axl singing the shit out of this AMAZING song:

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LA Woman or Been Down So Long...actually fuck it..anything off the LA Woman record...one of my favorite blues records for sure...Crawling King Snake is such a perfect song for Axl...I feel like he incorporated a lot of what Jim was talking about and how he was acted as a performer into his own unique style

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There are plenty of covers that are still options for this band:

Anything Goes

Reckless Life

Move To The City

One In A Million

Right Next Door To Hell

Dust N Bones

Perfect Crime

You Ain't The First

Bad Obsession

Back Off Bitch

Double Talkin' Jive

The Garden

Garden Of Eden

Don't Damn Me

Bad Apples

Dead Horse


14 Years


Get In The Ring

SHotgun Blues


Pretty Tied Up


So Fine

My World

All better and more sensible choices than AC/DC & Stones covers or James Bond, Pink Floyd, or Henry Mancini jams

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