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Your Expectations for the upcoming European Tour


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I expect them to play OMG, they were rehearsing it in rio, so I expect them to bring it out soon.

I also expect that they will play something new. It just seems impossible to go this long without introducing new material. But, then again, it's gnr.

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I honestly don' t see a significant change from the 2010 setlists for the 2012 Europe stint...

I'm going to more than a few shows in Europe, and expect the same as 2010 really. They will probably include Estranged and Civil War in there this time, but I would really love to see Oh My God as I just think it's a badass industrial tinged song.

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I expect Guns to play what they have been playing during their Up Close and Personal Tour for 2 to 3 hours every other night.

It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for it!

I am hoping Axl decides to play a couple more cuts from Chinese Democracy; for example Scraped, There Was A Time and If The World.

I would love to hear a new song but I am going to have the best time regardless.

i heared the best if the world ! at the acc fucking mind blowing

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I think they'll change the set list for europe who are more receptive to CD material. maybe swap Estranged for TWAT, Civil War for IRS.

I agree that they may drop Civil War in favour of a new song, but I don't see them swapping Estranged...

I think GN'R' will realise how well it has been recieved in the US, and know that the Europeans will want to hear it even more so. In Europe hardcore GN'R fans, will be going mad when Axl sings the opening line to the song...

I honestly see Estranged being a staple in the setlist, at least unitl this European leg is over. :)

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your right, I mean it was the Brazilian petition that they were responding to. I just think Euro might like CD songs. They seem to have established. CD, Shackler's, Better, SOD, Sorry, TIL, Madagascar in the set so they can play a few more off UYI.

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I hope they keep Civil War and Estranged in the setlist, my 2 favourites.

I also hope they do You're Crazy and Used to love her. But they don't, I guess.

These are my expectations as well. I'll be extremely upset if they drop Estranged from the setlist as it's my favorite GN'R song ever.

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My predictions & expectations:

- Same setlist

- Average Axl's vocal

- Axl won't be that late

- Bumblefoot won't perform at all shows because of his neck :(

- Axl will invite Beta on stage (at least once)

- DJ will perform "Mi Amor", 4tus "Bond Theme" & Ron'll come up with something new

- Chris Pitman will fall from stage in Russia

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