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Which will come first?

Georgy Zhukov

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The contract for himym has already been renewed for another season, so worst case scenario we'll know who's the mother around May 2013. Of course it may be 2014 if we get one more season after that and so on. My educated guess is that we'll know the mother first, no matter how many more himym season we'll get :xmasssanta:

OT: himym it's been my favourite tv show since season one. Anyone else?

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I like this thread. We should keep it going until the next album arrives....

What will come first? The next Velvet Revolver album or the next GNR album?

Both seem pretty far away from where I'm standing.

I am going to say the next Velvet Revolver album will be out around 2016. They'd have to find a singer first.

GN'R around 2017.

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