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Bands where the Lead Guitarist or a Guitarist was more important than the Lead Singer?


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I'm having this discussion on another board. I'm arguing that Jerry Cantrell and not Layne Staley was more instrumental to the success of Alice in Chains.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of other bands where this is also true. Ones where the lead guitarist or guitarist is/was more important than the lead singer. Right now the only one I can think of is Third Eye Blind, and that's only because I've been listening to them so much the past few days.

Any help? I know there are some bands from the 70's and 80's where this was true, but my mind is drawing a blank right now.

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Alice for Chains for sure, I love Layne I truly do but Jerry was sound, soul and heart of this band. He is/was primary songwriter and lyricist, co-vocalist (and lead vocalist on many trakcs) and he created that groove, riffs which were signatures for AiC, Layne was great persona, amazing voice unique stage presence but in terms of creative input he wasn't nowhere near Jerry. AiC would function with different vocalist easily (maybe not so succesfull but still).

Other bands as mentioned AC/DC is the first band that comes to my mind

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Would anyone say the Smiths?


yeah, that might be bit of a stretch. though i do know some people who would say Marr was more important than Morrissey, I think the general consensus is that both contributed to bands success equally.

Anyway, how about Motley Crue? I'm just a casual fan so I don't know the real inner workings of the band, but I have seen people on this board say that Nikki Sixx was the member most responsible for their success.

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Already been said, but AC/DC and Van Halen are the first two that come to mind. Both are also two of the few bands who have replaced lead singers and remained prominent and highly successful. Van Halen not so much with Gary Cherone, but every album with Hagar went to number one. For AC/DC, the first album with the new singer (Back in Black, of course) became the band's most successful and remains the most successful album by a rock band.

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Dave Mustaine with Metallica.

........he sucks so no.

But Marty friedman with Megadeth :thumbsup:

agreed, there's no Megadeth without Marty for me.

yeah he's the only reason why I listen to some songs by them beacause I can't stand Dave for so many reasons :P

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