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Does anybody else think Axl should chop off the bars and go for a Charles Bronson moustache?

ITW 2012

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Nah, I like this look as a whole. The 'stache, hat and clothes are all pretty cool. I'll take it over most others he's sported in recent years.

P4A!!! Where in the world have you been?!!!

To answer the question, he looks good now...

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God damn he was a cool ass mother fucker back then. Today he needs to ace the hat, lose 20 lbs, consider plastic surgery on the jowel.

Meh, I'll be happy with just the beard. Anything besides the current handlebar stache...

Defiantly no surgery, that'll bring a whole new shit-storm on him that he could do without.

A goatee? Ewe...

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