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1.Right Next Door To Hell(7/10)Always thought it was just ok.

2.Dust N' Bones(8/10)I thing it is good.

3.Live And Let Die(6/10)Never Liked it.

4.Don't Cry(10/10)Love this song

5.Perfect Crime.(9/10)Again good.

6.You ain't the first(5/10)Worst song on album

7.Bad Obsession(7/10)It is ok.

8.Back Off Bitch(10/10)One of my favorites.

9.Double Talkin Jive(6/10)Never liked it still better than You Ain't The First

10.November Rain(10/10)One of their more popular songs.

11.The Garden(7/10)Thought it was ok.

12.Garden Of Eden(9/10)Liked it.

13.Don't Damn Me(9/10)Again good to bad they never played it live.

14.Bad Apples(8/10)Good

15.Dead Horse(9/10)Love the beginning and end.

16.Coma(10/10)Best song.

Again all of this is just my opinion.

Overall I gave it a nine even though it says 81 if you go math but still I think it is 9 out of 10

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Piss-poor as an album, but every song is amazing. Still gave it a 10 on the strength of song quality.

I agree. It's very disjointed as far as consistency goes but in this case consistency doesn't matter because all the songs are awesome anyways and show a variety of styles. I vote 10.

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I prefer AFD (10) but the UYI's are really good : 8

1.Right Next Door To Hell(8/10)

2.Dust N' Bones(7/10)

3.Live And Let Die(7/10)

4.Don't Cry(9/10)

5.Perfect Crime(8/10)

6.You ain't the first(6/10)

7.Bad Obsession(7/10)

8.Back Off Bitch(7/10)

9.Double Talkin Jive(10/10)

10.November Rain(10/10)

11.The Garden(7/10)

12.Garden Of Eden(7/10)

13.Don't Damn Me(7/10)

14.Bad Apples(7/10)

15.Dead Horse(7/10)


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I don't get why The Garden is so unpopular. I've thought it was one of the best songs off both UYIs since I first heard it. It's honestly one of the most confusing things about this fandom for me. :lol: I can imagine why every single song would be unpopular, but not The Garden. It's the definition of a solid track.

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