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Guns N'Roses DVD release on April 16


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They have come to epitomise Rock 'n' Roll with glorious excesses and captivating showmanship that assures that Guns N' Roses will forever be thought of as one of the world's most iconic bands. Since roaring out of LA in 1987 with their debut album Appetite For Destruction they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide, and created just as many newspaper headlines, and as line ups have come and gone, the legend of Guns N' Roses has continued to grow exponentially. But it was with the release of their albums Use Your Illusion I & II - now more than 20 years ago - that the band cemented their place in musical history, proving these LA reprobates were far more than one trick ponies and in the process becoming the first group ever to occupy the top two positions on the Billboard 200 chart.

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion Special Edition is a 2 DVD documentary set offering the definitive review of these record breaking albums, whilst also providing an unparalleled insight into the band themselves . With the help of some notable contributors, the first disc looks exclusively at the two 1991 releases, exploring their creation, reception, subsequent tour and most importantly, the music itself. Disc 2 chronicles G & R's full career, with unrivalled access and exclusive content giving an insight into the band that has rarely been equalled. Both films feature archive interviews with members and those closest to them, seldom seen film footage, rare photographs plus a host of other features and extras to complete the quintessential Guns N' Roses video document.

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they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide,

That means 98 % of the albums sold under the GNR name have Slash on them... That speaks volumes about a lot of things...

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