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Interesting paragraph about the new Axl response...

Strange Broue

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All these award shows are all the same.

I doubt they even know half the bands that they induct or give awards too.

Remember the fiasco of Jethro Tull winning the heavy metal grammy over Metallica? These shows are run by men who know nothing about popular music.

I agree that if it's a true Rock and Roll hall of Fame show, there wouldn't be any pop or rap artists nominated or inducted.

Look at all these useless award shows. Each music genre has a show now and then the minorities have their own award shows.

Imagine if there was a totally white award show? I have nothing against the Latin or Hip Hop awards, but why have them at all when they're nominated for grammys and american music awards and whatever the hell they come up with?

It's just too much.

Eddie Trunk said GNR would probably get inducted the first time out because it would cause the most controversy and he was right! I think Axl felt it was bullshit and didn't want to be a part of it. He was there from the beginning when no one was giving them any awards, so why now?

I thought it would be a great honor, but it's just all about money. All week before every member stated they wouldn't be performing, then Axl says he won't be there and all of a sudden Myles sings and everyone is playing GNR songs.

Wow, it's just all bullshit. I bet it was all planned hoping Axl wouldn't show up, so they could all perform without him.

Well, who cares since Axl has been performing without them for years! After seeing the new GNR, I honestly could care less about the original members anymore.

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