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Welcome Back MyGNR


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Guest gunns5

I worry if cd II is ever released, mygnr would disintergrate in seconds, and god knows how long the downtime on that would be :lol:

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Well this was a welcome birthday surprise! Though I rarely post much nowadays I still have an affinity for the board and the members here. Great to see you back up, I think I'll be a donor and start throwing cash at the place so this doesn't happen again.


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Yea I missed this place... I mangaged to get banned from HTGTH in the meantime.... I did call Jarmo a pudgy little wanker who should change his site name to "i love my head up Axl's Ass.com"... so maybe I deserved it but he banned someone over disagreeing with him on some trival manner and I just couldn't take it anymore... welcome back mygnr!

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