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Slash on 'Closing the Book on Guns N' Roses' at the Hall of Fame


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I was reading Kerrang! magazine today, they mention the HOF. They focus more of the shock at the positive reply from Axl. The way it reads, gives the impression, Axl was more concerned about the event, the GN'R induction not going so well, and was happy it went so well. It paints a picture Axl was genuinely concerned, maybe wanted to go, but thought all along - it might not work out well. It might also go some way to explaining what sort of place his mind might be.

For a bit of fun, they show a photo feat. Slash Adler, Duff, Sorum at the event. They've added 2x cartoon cut outs of Axl Rose to added to the picture. 1x image shows Classic Axl Rose, and the other image is described as Comtemporary Axl Rose. Its all light hearted stuff, not designed to offend in any way (felt the need to add that, before the Kerrang! is sh-t brigade cupcake the thread).

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