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"Axl was right in a sense...the way that Slash lies is to make himself look cool." Marc Canter

GnR Chris

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It's a great read. Don't know if it's been posted. But it's very interesting to hear someone who's been friends with both say this.

Some good insight.


I checked to see if it was posted here. But with the site being down and everything, I'm completely lost. Delete if already posted.

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I thought Slash and Marc were best budds?

A bit nasty of him considering he's made a living off Slash.

They are good friends. The headline quote seems a bit more vicious than it is if you read it in context.

I don't think Marc was trying to be malicious. But I remember one of Axl's big gripes (I think) was that Slash was supposedly telling lies to the media. Well, as Canter put it, Slash (and Duff) were telling their version of the story (how they lost the name) which was true, and Axl was telling HIS version (which was true on his end). I'm rambling. I guess the best would be to read the interview. lol

Edit: Jesus, yeah I see that now (thread already exists). Don't know how the F I missed it. Delete or merge. Sorry to all.

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