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Rock Of Ages


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Per Adam Shankman, here's the track listing of songs in "Rock of Ages", and who's singing them:

1 Paradise City / Tom Cruise

2 Sister Christian/Just Like Paradise/Nothin' But a Good Time / Diego Boneta

3 Juke Box Hero/I Love Rock 'N' Roll / Diego Boneta

4 Hit Me With Your Best Shot / Catherine Zeta-Jones

5 Waiting For a Girl Like You / Diego Boneta

6 More Than Words/Heaven / Diego Boneta

7 Wanted Dead or Alive / Julianne Hough

8 I Want To Know What Love is / Malin Akerman

9 I Wanna Rock / Diego Boneta

10 Pour Some Sugar On Me / Tom Cruise

11 Harden My Heart / Julianne Hough

12 Shadows of the Night/Harden My Heart / Julianne Hough

13 Here I Go Again / Diego Boneta

14 Can't Fight This Feeling / Russell Brand

15 Any Way You Want It / Julianne Hough

16 Undercover Love / Diego Boneta

17 Every Rose Has Its Thorn / Diego Boneta

18 Rock You Like a Hurricane / Julianne Hough

19 We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It / Russell Brand

20 Don't Stop Believin' / Diego Boneta

Read more: http://broadwayworld.com/article/Tracklist-Revealed-for-ROCK-OF-AGES-Film-Soundtrack-20120425##ixzz1tBoQrvr8

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What's cool is they used Reckless Road do set the look of what it all looked like back then. I also signed a book for Tom. Also there is a Canter's Deli billboard next to the Tower Records in the movie.

cool, I'll keep an eye out for the billboard. Is Tom a big GnR Fan or just pretending for promoting the movie?

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Tom Cruise is the pinacle of lame this will be more embarrassing than the couch incident or the scientology interview.

the guy is a hack.

I'm not disagreeing with you that the guy is maybe a little nuts ...but for the most part, everything he puts out is good. He doesn't just fake his way through some films like other big names out there...so I don't think 'Hack' is a proper evaluation of his talents.

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He's in good movies that are not good because he is in them. Sort of like Nicolas Cage in Lord Of War.... I'll give Cruise credit though that his presence in movies doesn't immediately ruin them like almost everything Cage is in.

Oh c'mon guys, he's been a very good actor for a long time. Yes, he's a nut with all that Scientology bullshit.

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Talking of AXL-ing it up, here's a story on Tom Cruise's look in the movie:

The Costumes: Perfecting the '80s look on 'Rock of Ages'

For Tom Cruise's hard-rocking icon, costumer Rita Ryack looked to Axl Rose for inspiration. The actor's leather pants were a stretch — literally.

Rita Ryack spent several weeks tangling with Tom Cruise's leather pants. The costume designer for the upcoming 1980s musical "Rock of Ages" (opening June 15) was instrumental in Cruise's conversion into the fictional rock icon Stacee Jaxx, a self-involved guitar-playing idol in the vein of Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose. The coyote-fur jacket, the jewel-encrusted codpiece and the custom-made cowboy hat did wonders in transforming the normally strait-laced Cruise into a drug-addled performer with more in common with Mick Jagger than Ethan Hunt.

But it was the hand-stitched pants that proved the most trying component of the outré costume. Every time Cruise performed a rendition of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," the pants would stretch out and lose their rocker slickness.

"We had a distresser standing by who would hand him his next pair, take the ones Cruise wore, dry them, shrink them up again and re-age them," said Ryack. "We had lots of pairs."

"In our first meeting, Adam said very clearly that because the '80s is such an inherently funny costume time, he didn't want the joke of the movie to be the clothes. It's still nuts, but we wanted to do hard rock 'n' roll, not costume rock 'n' roll like the White Stripes and Mötley Crüe. We stuck to a Guns N' Roses look."


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