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@Eric. Please read.


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I've just reactivated using Googld Ad revenue. I'm thru putting up my own money to run a Forum wich benefits the band but leaves an individual with the losses (me).

With all due respect Eric....what the hell does that mean? Hey listen dude, I know you only charge supporters $5 to take advantage of certain features, but I would be willing to pay more than that...not necessarily for the features all together, but just to support the forum.

i am not talking about buying this forum from you or even special treatment; what i'm saying is, i don't mind throwing a few more dollars to a site i like to post on to help for server cost or whatever.

i'm sure i am not the only poster who feels that way. eric stop beating around the bush and let some us who realize the value of the site help you.

not all of us are 18 with no job or poor....no offense to the youngsters...or the poor.

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Why delete posts? I think it's important that everyone gets to speak their minds on this matter.

Everyone can except for cupcakes or former banned members trying to cause a problem :thumbsup:

If people want to sign up only to immediatly go after the mods or admin here then they will not be staying. Opinions are important and welcome, trolling is not

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