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This is the quality merchandise you can expect to get with a premium membership to gnr forum

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Most recent post from the moderator of the guns n roses forum (i.e ground control staff member)

Hey everyone-

No, no one is "hiding". We've been reading everyone's comments about the Nighttrain Merchandise and have been in contact with GnR management to come up with a solution for members. In regards to the merchandise you have/will be receiving, ground(ctrl) ships the items that are sent to our warehouse to ship out to members. It is no one's intention to "bait and switch" or have any of you members feel "ripped off" by the site or what you have received, and will work with management to rectify the situation. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone's patience, and please feel free to message me if you need further assistance.


this is the shirt the ground control members are getting..


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how many did you get, that looks like you raided the warehouse in that pic.

its not my pic, its from their twitter.

realized after I posted theres no way you could use 150 GNR patches. one will suffice. maybe you'll get first go at CD II?

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I think this is pretty stupid how the "exclusive fan-club merchandise" isn't so exclusive after all. As someone already mentioned, the bandanna and patch came with the Chinese Democracy box-set. Now, someone like me who never got that box-set would be happy (I got the $30 membership a few days ago) but for someone that already got those materials may be very frustrated. Imagine paying 30 dollars (or 50!) for something you already had.

When it said "exclusive" I though of stuff that is either new or was never released, not stuff you can find anywhere on the internet and was already released.

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GNR seems to be turning into a bunch of other shit head bands who shake down their hardcore fans for every dime, they can't even let them talk about the band for free. Expect those bands actually release music regularly

I don't give a fuck, 2012 has been a major cash grab

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A AFD T-shirt? Really? The AFD t-shirt is basically in every rock clothing store there is. Hell, I have that same shirt and I bought it at Target. It's not exclusive, it's not new, it's a very common piece of merchandise that most likely every GN'R fan owns.

This is the objects under the 50 dollar membership.

Fan Club T-Shirt*

Appetite For Destruction T-shirt. Nothing indicating a fan club, just the most generic GN'R shirt you can find at any store for 10 dollars.

Belt Buckle*

On Ebay for 14.99.

Patch Set*


Included in the Chinese Democracy box-set.

It doesn't even seem like they tried. I was expecting either new merchandise, or stuff that is exclusive.

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