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RARHOF 2012: My hands are tied


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The jury of the largest planet is formed. But even the distinguished members did not reach a verdict. Axl Rose is innocent or guilty?

I confess: I see him denying the nomination to the Hall of Fame gave me a sense of relief. Not that the maintenance of the call (and acceptance) could change my day, but ended up changing the perception I had about the artist and ended up playing in the 'other' Axl, one whose opinion is far from common sense. Rather, the lead singer of Guns N 'Roses is not only a musician with his bitter ex-colleagues, it is also a spring of the machine that knows his role and how it works.

Ok, who does not like to see Slash, Duff, Izzy, Axl and Adler again? We know that the band "that kicked some ass" in 90, he mastered the real world, was launched disks clean and unforgettable performances. Offstage, he followed the modus operandi of rock and roll, scandals, rumors, orgies ...

While it would be cool, the subject "meeting" gave what he had to give. Suddenly the music magazines the favorite topic is "Meeting Black Sabbath," "Pink Floyd Reunion," "Meeting Kiss," "Meeting Guns N 'Roses" ... sells, creates (false) expectations and diverts the space that should be given to new rock talent. The discussion is not whether what is produced today is better or the same level as that produced 20 or 30 years, but the total lack of honesty with the new. The fans are the ones who should decide what is good or not ...

I think we decline the invitation of Axl did a sort of anti-hero. Pecked at the possibility of being a hypocrite (at least from this angle) can, with the public and his former friends. He put his finger on diverse interests involving the band and also sent a message to his rivals.

Do not confound the controversial Rose, who launched the mysterious, yet difficult, "Chinese Democracy", Axl with this he took the reins of the name "Guns N Roses" and also showed a TREMENDOUS respect for his current bandmates. No unhealed wounds would use the award nomination as a balm and healing. Instead, the meeting could give cloth to more and more discussion generating unfounded expectations filled with frustration.

I will not say that Axl W. Rose, on account of his bravery, kicked the bad phase technique for corner and went back to being 30 years. Time passes him, and for each reader. The large "bid" this whole story is just this: the guy who distances himself from much of the mythical figure who had created between 80/90, get an amazing paradox, taking an attitude of rock and roll + of all time. Like John Lennon returned the award that the Beatles had been the Queen of England (yes, the same that you watch on their short and sparse tours in London) in the 60s, Axl somatiza his controversial personality, a fact that weight: the egocentric denied further opportunity to feed your soul ... Egocentrism!

Finally, this line of meetings of dinosaurs, is now giving "the bag" goodbyes. Bands that now advertise fired, if not their careers, the stages, if not the stage, disks, and to make it more exciting (and profitable), change their decisions, and allow collections remasterizações of their discography with their tours (re) turn to you (fan orthodox and "sick") to purchase all over again what you already have.

It was for idealists and the music industry trade show business that Axl said "no." So do not feel rejected or deceived (by hearsay), for this lesson should be learned not just the guy "more stubborn" rock, but each of us.

ps: sorry for the gramatical errors, i'm from brazil.

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What did the post have to do with the judges?

Axl wasn't brave for being a no-show, it was more questioning on whether or not going to the ceremony was in his best interest, and he felt it wasn't. They slighted what he's worked on for the past 15 years, and that was reason enough to not go.

The Rock Hall keeps getting called on their decision making on who's included and who's excluded - sometimes it's bands and genres, and in this case, it's as if he did nothing for the past few years.

The "healing" has been ongoing. Axl's met with everyone except Slash, and that's going to happen in due time and it's prob. going to be something where they happen to run into each other. I wouldn't be surprised if there have been "close calls" in LA at restaurants.

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