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Now that we know that band is *hoping* to release the next album this coming fall, and that it will consist largely of tracks recorded during the Chinese Democracy sessions, I thought it would be cool to see which tracks fans are wanting to hear the most.

We've been hearing bits and pieces about a lot of these for years, but I gave a rundown about what we know about each track below.

1) The General - Co-written by Brain, with orchestrations done by Marco Beltrami. Was used as an intro to the 2006/2010 live shows. Sebastian Bach's favorite Chinese era track, was told by Axl that it was the "sequel" to Estranged and would be out in 2012. Was initially intended to cap off a 'trilogy' of albums, as it related to it lyrically.

2) Soul Monster - One of Axl's personal favorites. Described it as the bands most "Black Sabbath" moment. Went under the working title of "Leave Me Alone" and had orchestrations done by Marco Beltrami.

3) Atlas Shrugged - Described by Classic Rock Magazine as "November Rain meets 70's glam rock". Initially featured Brian May on guitar, though Axl stated that he is uncertain that this is the version we'll get, much like Catcher In The Rye, which May also recorded on in 1999. As of December 2008, Axl said it was a question of getting the mix right before releasing the track.

4) Seven - Composer Marco Beltrami stated that this is his personal favorite track out of the ones he worked on for the band.

5) Quick Song - Nothing is known other than that it exists. Confirmed by Axl in December 2008.

6) Going Down - Was on the setlist for Rock In Rio 2011. Described by Ron as an "earthy" Axl-penned track from the Chinese era.

7) Down By The Ocean - Was co-written by Izzy when he rejoined the band in '95 to help write for the next album. Confirmed by Axl in December, 2008.

8) Beta's Barn - In 2008, Chris Pitman stated that this was his favorite unreleased track.

9) Thyme - Features orchestrations by Marco Beltrami. Confirmed by Axl in December, 2008.

10) Oklahoma/Berlin - Was written early on during the Chinese Democracy sessions, and was played to Rolling Stone in '00. Was unspired by and experience Axl had in a courtroom on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. In December, 2008 Axl claimed that the title has been changed to "Berlin", though it is unclear whether he was being tongue in cheek.

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