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Kyteman; Hiphop/Jazz/Classical crossover


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Kyteman is the alter-ego of Dutch artist Collin Benders. His debut is called The Hermit Sessions (2009). It got really big in Holland and some other European countries. It's a really interesting mix between hiphop, jazz and some classical music.On stage he's surrounded by a full-blown orchestra including violins, cello's, trumpets, trombones, horns, keyboards, percussion, drums and bass. Collin himself plays the trumpet and orchestra director. On top of that his project included up to 10 MC's.

Some impressions:


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After that he focused on his new project Kytecrash. It cam out in 2011. The concept was similar, but the band much smaller. It still combined mostly hiphop and jazz. THis album is one big jazzy psychedelic trip. Love it.


In March of 2012 he unleased his third project onto the worl, simply called The Kyteman Orchestra. As the name suggest the orchestral arrangements were back. Where his first 2 albums focussed mainly on hiphop and jazz, this project also had a big focus on classical influences. I actually saw them in concert yesterday and it was very very good. On top of the orchestra, a full choir was now added on top of the MC's.

The evolution is pretty interesting. Seems like on his first album hiphop was the most prominent musical style. On his second it was the jazz. And on his third it seems the classical stuff is most prominent.

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He is so good, so talented! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is really to big for just Holland, really worth checking out!

Did you see him perforn live? I wanted to go, but every time I couldn't.

Must be special if so.

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