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Which of the two do you like better?


These both might not be real, but which one do you prefer  

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Better Gone sucked ass. those little whistling samples etc. sounded way too juvenile and ametuerish. manu chao was plaing with those silly sounds in the mid-90s :rofl-lol:

BITW sounds like it fucking rules, from what I can tell. kinda reminds me of year zero type shit, but better. you know, cyber punk animatronic synth metal-type shit. i think it sounds fucking dope. rock3

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man, I was just listening to the 2 different BITW clips where the vocals were isolated from the music, and MAN are there some creeeeepy fucking sounds going on in the background there.... some of those "i see" voices sound like fucking demons or killer ghosts screeching at you. that song is bad as fuck, and it grows on me more and more every time I hear it. I think BITW is going to be a KILLER track.

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