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2012/05/12 - Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia

Guest Gunns

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Ya his voice is better than 2001-02. I honestly can't believe he didn't prepare well enough for his big comeback back then. That whole era should have been awesome but Axl was at his absolute lowest singingwise, stylewise, missing concertswise. It seems the more things are lined up and easy to succeed the harder Axl fails. When there's adversity he more often than not pulls through, though.

True it's weird

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Axl is 50 for God's sake and GnR is officially a nostalgia act.

Then so is Green Day, Metallica, RHCP, and every band who has had more than 1 album with his that they play at shows.

The bands u mentioned cont to release music over the years. GnR did t release anything for 15 years. In the end AFD Was so huge there is probably nothing Guns could do to move on from that album

Implying the Illusions era wasn't a move on from AFD.


Was it a move on or was just new material? Of course they attempted to move on from the album but to think UYI allowed GnR to be rid of one of the biggest albums ever released is silly. My only point was and is that AFD will always be the core of a GnR setlist and just like when UYI were first released to now AFD is the core to all GnR setlist. that simply will not change and I dont think it ever can change

Prostitute at 2:20. Great videos !



Im pretty sure this is a tour rider from the UYI days... looks very similar whats posted on the smokinggun.com

Yeah, why would anyone use porn mags these days when we have internet... also the font looks 90-ish...

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