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Axl Rose likey his Davey Jones


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My link

Saw this video and had myself a chuckle...

Unfortunately, the great davey jones is no longer with us...so it asks the question, did Axl steal Davys dance?? Was Axl secretly a die hard monkeys fan??

Laugh at this thread all you want but it's not like uncle no show over there is gonna release another album this decade...

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It was not copied from Davy Jones. Axl saw a singer in LA with the swager and copied it from him.

You mean from the singer of Shark Island? I read some article a while ago where the singer had some bitter complaints about it :)

Found it :

I'm not sure if you want to comment on this - but I hope you do - but it is well known that several other artists mirrored their look and their stage antics on yours. I already mentioned what a huge reputation the band had as a live act, but the big draw card was your charismatic performance as frontman.

It seems to be a well known fact among followers of the scene at the time that Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose would come and see you guys perform every week and 'borrowed' a lot of your moves - from your moves to even your stage rap and song delivery.

There are other examples, but Axl seems to be the best known.

Is this correct and what impact did it have upon you to see other bands getting famous off something which you more or less perfected?

RB: You know I have always tried to avoid this topic because I never wanted to sound like a sniveling bitter victim, and I largely kept my mouth shut. But every so often however, the topic continues to rear its ugly head. But then again avoiding the subject never did any good.

Let me tell you a story; in the early days I was influenced by the pioneers of this music, but I was getting it together. I soon learned if I continued to copy them, people wouldn't take me seriously. I evolved and became my unique self. I have never systematically copied a single artist except jokingly or on Halloween.

What happened in my instance however, was quite a different story.

I was being copied all right…sometimes by down right impersonators, it was creepy.

I could see their point, they figured it was working for us, so why not them.

Regardless of how you felt about the band it was hard to ignore us. I suppose wearing nothing but an American flag or a paper jumpsuit with duct tape hasn't caught on yet, but was pretty original…a little too ahead of its time I guess.

I would wear pajamas on stage just for fun…soon there after I'd see some our friends and followers wearing pajamas.

I use to have these bike shorts that I decided to wear onstage, then it seemed bike shorts were the rage in L.A. I don't think it was a coincidence.

What I'm talking about is copying someone' essence. When art is involved, that is not cool; it's a form of plagiarism.

And I give a horse' ass about 'imitation is the best form of flattery'. I don't need to be flattered.

Many Popular bands and personalities came to see Shark Island, that's a fact, and many took elements home with them for their stage show or album covers, or wardrobe…oh well, I'm flattered…nothing that could have altered the path of my career.

But that good-for-nothing Axl Rose, he' really a piece of work for the dregs.

As far as I'm concerned he's never done anything original in his life. Him and his cronies would come every week and watch the show.

One day before GnR's debut, I went to his place…as I walked in I saw a video of me playing on his TV and on top was a stack of VHS tapes all labeled Shark Island with dates and times. I remember being mortified, it was obvious he was studying my shtick, and I knew there was nothing I could do, being their album was about to be released, and he'd cap on the press get the credit.

My many years of developing, and refining my craft and years of modern dance were up for grabs by this fool and a video camcorder.

I remember some people telling me about him acting like me, but I never worried much on a count that we were all in the same boat.

Then came Welcome To The Jungle, I though I was looking in the mirror, or the videos on Axl's TV.

You said 'borrowed' earlier well that implies a payback. What burns me up even more is in his heyday he never so much as mentioned Shark Island or Richard Black in all his press. Which, by the way, could have helped us at no cost to him; he never even threw us a bone.

Now, truth be told, I couldn't possibly care less. That's all old crap and it does me no good now, besides, I am nothing like I was back then, and I'd look like a fool to try.

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What a joke... stole my dance moves, my attire... it was a fucking "scene" back then everyone was ripping everyone, he talks about dressing up David Bowie hell even ACDC was wearing drag, it was all about shock value, nothing this guy did was orginal. It comes down to could you write some beastly songs and deliver the goods. Axl and Guns N' Roses could and this fool couldn't. Wasp singer always said all his antics wouldn't be needed if he could write some killer songs. No one's gonna care about your "show" if your songs suck.

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Guys there´s no need to badmouth this shark island guy. He might be resentful but it´s up to him. We all are influenced in one way or another by the bands and singers we admire and sometimes they are copied. Everybody does that. For exemple, back in the day (UYI years) Axl was wearing the bandana as part of his outfit and a lot of people started wearing a bandana because of him. And the same happens in the fashion industry, people copy or are inspired by each other and outits from past decades are copied again and developed and adapted to the current times. It´s no big deal.

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Well we're not trying to badmouth him, then again he is merely joining EVERYONE else who does, :rolleyes: but if Axl never got so famous or more famous than he became, then would the mofo even care? Hell no lol so he needs to keep it moving with "you should at least ", keep it moving dude and be thankful someone was even thinking of you beyond a two second manner, that's all

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