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Hey everyone!!

A year's a long time, no?

When everything fell through a year ago I think it's fair to say I never thought I'd be posting back here let alone have an opportunity to admin and own the forum. I want to get this out of the way here, first and then I can 'park it' Any decision I make on this forum whether it's to do with mods or forum members, nothing is personal or indeed is connected in any shape way or form, to what transpired a year ago, fact. High' emailed me around 4 weeks ago to tell me Eric was thinking of selling and he was able to get Eric and I to put any previous differences aside and to see if a deal could be reached and obviously, here we are. It's that simple.

I'd like to thank Eric for the opportunity to purchase the forum. A lot of time and effort has gone into getting an agreement reached and during the process it's clearly been a fairly stressful time for Eric, High' and myself but we're here and I'm delighted to be back!

Anyone who thinks the purchase was for financial benefits needs their head reading!! The agreed price would never be disclosed and it never will be so please don't ask but I will say it's a significant amount of money and it's something I've done because I want the responsibility of returning this forum to the best Guns N' Roses forum in the world - That's not a dig at any current admin/mods far from it, it's an opinion and, I include my own period here as a mod (at least the final year or so) when now looking back I think 'you know what, it's not "fun" anymore' Talking of mods - High' and I have put that at the top of the list in terms of getting things moving as quickly as possible; current mods will all be emailed/PM'd individually as to be asked if they either want to stay on in the same capacity, stay on in a different capacity or unfortunately in certain cases, be politely asked to step down. Again, to make it absolutely clear, none of those decisions are personal and we will do so with the interests of the forum as the main priority. You may agree, disagree and I appreciate making those types of decisions are extremely subjective - I understand and respect that. Regardless, some changes will happen now, some much further down the line (again, depending on changes to the way the forum is moderated in general terms).

As soon as I've heard back from current mods, new mods (and yes there will be at least one new mod) then either High' or I will let you know. Talking of High' - Since 2004(ish) he's someone I consider a friend, he's never ever let me down and much more importantly than any of that, he's someone that I admire the way he moderates and connects with people here. He'll do an excellent job and after the initial set up (next 3/4 weeks or so) I'll be less active and High' will be the driving force, much in the way that madison was for many a year. Talking of madison - I have to thank her formally because I'd not be in a position to even be able to purchase the forum without her giving me the opportunity on the mod team many moons ago.

We have loads of fresh ideas and initiatives to try and build on the forum's success - I absolutely welcome any emails/PM's of any suggestions so please bear with High' and myself because at the minute that's all they are, ideas and thoughts.

I can though confirm the following will happen: All previous banned members are free to return **Please though do not mail me to ask "when" or "how" because honestly, I don't know right now but it WILL happen** The reason for this is simple really, it's a fresh start for everyone and I feel that should be consistent throughout this process. To that end, all warnings will be removed as well. I do though add this; there's clearly been a reason why you've been warned/banned and similar episodes are likely to end in the same result, no? So please be respectful and I promise you'll see the same in return. Also, any returning member who either publicly, or privately is seen to be mocking a current mod who may had warned or banned then, will be go back on the warning trail and (depending on the severity) banned. I can't open the doors and allow people to run amok - respect runs down a two way street I'm afraid.

Supporters - Anyone who has donated to the forum in Eric's time here will continue their current benefits - It would be harsh and unfair to basically scrap that process and in that regard, I feel continuity to be the best policy and I hope you agree. Supporters benefits: This is another area I want to change for the better (dramatically), as I honestly believe anyone who donates money to the forum deserves better 'options' that you currently have. Again, an opinion.

OK sorry this is the boring stuff but I want complete transparency and I feel I need to be honest.

Putting the costs I've undertaken to purchase the forum (incidentely the costs of purchase have been financially supported), I solely will pay for all monthly outgoings. Depending on a number of factors, I would estimate that in 12 months time that if the forum has a really successful period in terms of donations and other possible income avenues that I will still be in a deficit, absolutely no question about that at all. A poor/average year will result in significant losses - losses that I can't just plug every month and god forbid, I'll be in the same position Eric was 4 weeks ago. I have a family and I work really hard and I can't just bank roll everything, I'll be happy to make the loss on the purchase on the forum if I can get even near to level on the monthly costs in 12 months time, fact. Any donations are greatly appreciated in this regard and I mean "any". I respect if you either don't want to or can't afford to, no problem what so ever but equally if you love it here and see the changes we'll be making here (we hope for the better!) then if you are in a position where you can that would be great and you'd be helping the forum's security, fact.

The donations page will change in due course but for anyone interested and who wants to help and donate, the forums donations email address if you have a pay pal account is: paul.mygnrforum@gmail.com

Again, NEW donations will carry more benefits (in time once we've got things settled down). I apologise in advance if any of that seemed wrong but so many members have asked for honesty and transparency and that's how it is currently. Also, we would like you to see a visual of 'actual live forum costs' because we feel it gives you a better idea of how the forum is funded, thoughts guys? would you like to see that? I can state, as I did 12 months ago, that as soon as I earn $0.01 from this forum you will get to know, you have my word :-)

I would say we'll be changing things (some big things, some not) every day/week/month and both High' and I appreciate your patience in this regard. This forum is about you, the members and we want you to have fun and to continue to enjoy the positive changes and functions that we want to make around here. Finally, I've got a lot of messages guys - every single one will be answered, feel free to send me as many as you want! but give me a few hours etc to reply and respond.

Any ideas or thoughts you want to share with me please feel free to PM me anytime.

Really excited. Next step tonight/tomorrow is to contact current mods - after that, potential new mods. I'll be back in touch shortly. Thanks everyone!

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