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The Official Doors Thread

Vincent Vega

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I fucking love The Doors. They are probably the GN'R of the late 60s-early 70s. No American band was as "bad" or controversial as them. And they were the REAL THING. They weren't commercial, they were never sell outs, they stayed true to themselves and they had very honest music and lyrics. Jim was probably one of the best frontmen ever and one of the most mysterious and brilliant lyricists ever to grace the rock world. For me they are up there with the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, the Beatles and Pink Floyd...They are truly awesome and I love all of their albums, even the post Jim albums.

So, discuss here The Doors if you love 'em!

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Overrated as fuck. Jim Morrison was a drugged up jackass, not a visionary.

You've watched Oliver Stone's film too many times if you think he was high or drunk 24/7. The man was actually very well spoken, insightful, thoughtful and coherent in his interviews. He was much much more coherent than Axl who doesn't do drugs as far as we know.

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Guest Broskirose

Absolute shit.

And for fuck sake Miser, change your sig.

And my sig is two of Hollywood's biggest icons ever, why would I change it? :question:

Because unlike that horrible thing you flashed on skype, your sig is HUGE! Should have fluffed yourself first.


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Absolute shit.

And for fuck sake Miser, change your sig.

And my sig is two of Hollywood's biggest icons ever, why would I change it? :question:

Because unlike that horrible thing you flashed on skype, your sig is HUGE! Should have fluffed yourself first.


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Saw some really cool Doors memorabilia at the Rock Hall of Fame last month, damn them for not allowing pictures!

This letter from Jim's dad, an Admiral in the Navy, was one of the original items on display:


Admiral Morrison's letter to the Fla. Dept of Corrections: (dated October 2, 1970)

Thank you for your letter of September 30. I appreciate this

opportunity to comment on my son Jim.

I saw him last about 5 years ago during his senior year at UCLA. He

was successfully completing his fourth year of college. As in all his

academic work through grade school, high school, and college, he was

an excellent student. While he had always been an intellectual rebel,

he had always obeyed and respected authority.

In 1965 I began a two-year assignment in England. Although I invited

him to join us in London after graduating, he declined to start his

own career. Since that time he has been completely independent of me

financially and in every other way. We have very little contact with

him since that time due partly to the physical separation and partly

because of some criticism from me.

While in London, I was called by an old friend in California who had

been approached by Jim for a loan to finance his first record.

Concerned by his appearance, particularly his long hair, the friend

called me. I, in turn, wrote Jim a letter severely criticizing his

behavior and strongly advised him to give up any idea of singing or

any connection with a music group because of what I considered to be a

complete lack of talent in this direction. His reluctance to

communicate with me again is to me quite understandable.

Since returning to the United States I have on several occasions made

an effort to contact him. One time I was successful in talking with

him by telephone. Our conversation was quite pleasant and I

congratulated him on his first gold album, but nothing of consequence

was discussed. We have had no direct contact since that time.

However, while we all lived in California in 1969, Jim's younger

brother and sister visited with him frequently and got along famously

as they always did during their childhood days at home.

Also an old friend of ours had dinner with Jim in LA several months

ago and reported to us that he was the 'same ol' Jim'. I have

followed his career with a mixture of amazement and in the case of

Miami, great concern and sorrow.

While I obviously am not a judge of modern music, I view his success

with pride. Based on my knowledge of Jim through his twenty first

year, I firmly believe that his performance in Miami was a grave

mistake and not in character.

I will always follow his progress with the greatest of interest and

concern and stand ready to assist him in any way, should he ask.

Thank you again for this opportunity to affirm my conviction that Jim

is fundamentally a respectable citizen.

Very truly yours,

G.S.Morrison, Rear Admiral USN

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Guest Len B'stard
For me they are up there with the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, the Beatles and Pink Floyd

For my money, The Doors pound the fuck out of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd. I don't think it's possible to quantify and express how fuckin good The Doors were, just SOOO fuckin unique, when they wanted to rock they could rock harder than any of these motherfuckers in their time/day/age. I mean you can sit em alongside the MC5 and The Stooges and they kinda make sense in an odd way more than any other band and that says something in itself because it The Stooges and MC5 were where the future of rock n roll was headed (and they were) it says something that The Doors could exemplify 60s rock n roll whilst having a foot in that other door too. The Doors are on of those bands where they could take a song and bury it in long solo's and it'd jus feel like a minute long. The long solos on Light My Fire are what make the song, i can follow em in that deeeee dee dee dee deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuckin dork festival way that audiences follow and mouth out the solo to SCOM.

Every album is fuckin brilliant, i mean just listen to the fucking percussion on Not to Touch the Earth...absolutely amazing. There ain't a bad track on any of their albums. If i was a black bluesman, i'd put The Doors and their little forays into the blues ahead of any other white blues based rock n roll band for the simple reason that they added and offered something to the shit instead of tinny sounding pale immitation and mimicry. Lets face it, if you wanna nail the fuckin blues, ask the yanks, the mississippi's in mississippi and The Thames is in London and thats that :lol: But yeah, "I Been Down So Goddamned Long", God i love that fuckin track. Kriegers a fuckin G on the guitar, totally and criminally underrated, Densmore is kinda like Ginger Bakers little boy but like, y'know, Ginge is famous for being all over the kit and skillful and doubling and tripling and quadrupling shit up but rarely was there a drummer of the more jazz type vein that managed to incorporate a sense of space and delicacy and well as hard hitting-ness into rock drumming, Manzarek was like a fucking alchemist and Morrison i ain't saying shit about cuz if i really get into it it's gonna be a 40 page screed that no one reads thats culminate in me googling a Morrison bio, turning the lights out, lighting candles and binding my left hand and my cock in a Pagan ceremony. Arise Oh Horned One!

Morrison seemed to have an intuitive understanding of America. Like for instance, an aspect of the blues that is kind of, y'know, not so focused on is the religious element, the mysticism, y'know, i mean this is a genre that is kinda founded on mythology in a sense. Africa, spirituals singin' in the cotton fields, men taking their guitars to crossroads and getting the devil to tune their fuckin guitars for em. And Morrison kind of tapped into that and just gave the music a tone (their blues stuff i mean) that no other white proponent of the blues has hit upon and it denotes perhaps a lack of understanding or an ignorance or perhaps an inability to tap into certain elements of the blues. And Morrison just fuckin nailed it. I don't even think it was concious i just think he was like that anyway so it all just fell into place.

Morrison was a fuckin geezer ;)

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The Doors are one of those bands you either love or hate.....There was no other band like them then or since...

If you are a Doors fan you have to pickup the "Live in New York" box set


The Aquarius sets



And the Detroit show which has a killer version of "The End"


They are all fantastic recordings and great shows

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