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Does Axl care anymore?

Vincent Vega

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yea, seriously. the dude just spent a decade recording new music.

But can you prove that?

there were numerous reports of axl working with various people in various studios from the mid 90s up until a few years ago.

there has been public comment from current and past members about the dozens and dozens and dozens of songs that were worked on.

axl has publicly said in recent years he envisions the project as a two album thing now, not three.

tommy has commented on how many finished songs are left from the sessions.

we've heard reports of songs from chinese and the next album being switched out very close to the release of chinese.

do you really need proof that axl just spent a huge chunk of his life in recording mode?

maybe he's enjoying being in playing/traveling mode?

Judging by when we got Chinese Democracy, I find it hard to believe that he worked as diligently as you're saying he did. Who's to say he didn't only spend 40 days between 1997-2005 in the studio? Aren't there quotes talking about Axl not coming into the studio when he's supposed to?

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I just had a thought that goes in hand with my post on page 1. In a way, he cares TOO much. At least about new music and if his fans like it. If he was making music just for himself, like a lot of artists say, he'd just release it and if people dug it, they dug it, if not than that's okay too life goes on and more art will come. Axl cares too much about how people will perceive the new band, he cares too much about tarnishing the bands musical legacy by releasing something sub-par, he may care too much about his original vision to even record with this new band (this is just a thought, remember).

EDIT: If he didn't care with all this music he has he'd just dump it on itunes, make a box-set, release an album or two, you know something like that.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :thumbsup:

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I think he is comfortable with the live shows at this point, but that's part of the problem. He is too rigid to mix it up, at the risk of a vocal blowout, (which is contributed to poor conditioning on his part) and with his diminishing physical and vocal abilities, it does not allow for too much flexibility between sets. He is on borrowed time for sure, vocally.

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I'd say that Axl still cares about putting on amazing live shows, but doesn't care about recording or releasing new music.

I think it is way too early to jump to that conclusion, it hasn't even been 4 years since the last record. He obviously cares more about touring right now, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about making and releasing new music, too. It could very well be next on his priority list.

I hope you are correct. I admire your ability to always stay on the positive side. I used to be a lot like you on this forum.

Yes, it hasn't been quite four years since the last album. But.......that album took 14 years to come to fruition (sp). So for the long-time die-hard GnR fans, it's one album in the last 12 years (when Axl really started making his comeback), which doesn't really sound as nice as saying 1 album in the last 4 years. One album in the last 12 years - that's painful for a fan.

Also, we really don't have any idea how long it will be until a new album is released. Most bands keep their fans informed and updated. GnR doesn't. It literally could be 5 more years.

Finally, I grew up in the 80's and 90's when bands put out albums all the time. I don't know how old you are, (this isn't an insult, I'm just not sure what generation you grew up in), but when I was a teenager bands put out albums every year or every two years. Three years was a long wait. Look at this album list from some of the major bands from the 80s.

Motley Crue

81, 83, 85, 87, 89

Bon Jovi

84, 85, 86, 88


83, 84, 86, 88, 91

I know, a lot of fans on here call those bands sellouts with no integrity.....but let me ask you this. Would you rather have 5 GnR albums released from 2000 to 2010.......or would you rather have one album released.

I'd much rather be a die-hard fan of a sell out band and have FIVE albums to listen to from my favorite band, than be told my favorite band has integrity - and have one album to listen to.

Some people keep talking - like it's fact - that GnR has at least two more albums worth of music in the can, just waiting to be released. Plus whatever songs this current band is recording together. At some point are they ever going to release all this music? You have to admit it's odd to release an album in 2015 that is full of songs recorded in 2006 by band that had a different lineup.

And if you are comfortable with Axl releasing music every 5-6 years, that would mean CD2 comes out say in 2014......CD3 comes out in 2019/20.........then the songs they are creating today (DJ's talk about submitting a doze songs to Axl, the rest of the band talking about recording) in 2012, those songs come out in 2025?

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