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Guns n' Roses - Glasgow SECC 25/05/12


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No official thread yet for this momentous occasion so here it is.

I really can't wait, looking forward to a good day out in the town beforehand and a great gig.



Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


Roquet Queen



Fortus solo

Live And Let Die

This I Love


Dizzy Reed solo

Street of Dreams

You Could be Mine

Dj ASHBA™ Mi Amor solo

Sweet Child O' Mine


November Rain

Glad to Be Here

Don't Cry

Civil War

Knocking On Heaven's Door


Encore :




Paradise City

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i would prop forget to update so i wont offer going to take vid and pics though.

does anyone know if its sold out?

according to HTGTH it is.

tks thats really good when they came in 06 it was sold out too.

gettting excited now.

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Being scottish, this is my first GNR show in Scotland, so this is extra special for me.

Also, something i've noticed, anyone who's been to the shows lately might notice Axl is wearing jackets through the whole show, I always thought his tattoo's were very nostalgic, would be cool to see him in a t shirt running around again.

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Yeah this really is the big show of the UK tour for me, anyone who was at Glasgow 2006 will know what I mean. That's why it was so frustrating when they missed Glasgow in 2010. As someone who went to several of the 06 and 2010 UK shows, nothing has ever matched the intensity of that Glasgow show. I have memories of bodies flying over my head during Jungle and Its So Easy....... Axl had to stop the gig after Easy and tell us all to calm down!!

Can't wait for a great night!

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i agree 06 was meantal best night off my life everyone was bouncing about best concert i had ever been too and tonight is going to rock, my dad coming with me and he thinks he can sit down all night no u cant get up and jump around mad :rofl-lol:

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Can't believe it's nearly six years since that mental night in July '06! Bring it on!

Hoping so hear Estranged, Civil War and TWAT tonight. Fingers crossed!

Gig not sold out - ticketsoup.com still showing tix for those in the need!

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