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Did the Osmonds rip off Led Zeppelin?


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"Yes, you read that headline right. The five corn-fed, church-going superstar brothers, who, along with the Jackson 5, made the 1970s infinitely more enjoyable for teenage girls across the planet, appear to have snuck a Led Zeppelin platter into the family’s Utah homestead.

As pointed out by the sharp cookies over at Ultimate Classic Rock - albeit 40 years after the fact - the surprisingly rocking album track “Hold Her Tight” from the Osmond Brothers’ 1972 album Crazy Horses sounds eerily similar to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” released in 1970. Check them both out below.

True to the era, the Osmond song features that trademark thwackety, thwackety guitar sound, with brother Merrill Osmond spitting out the lyrics with an anguished howl destined to make nubile teenage knees go all wobbly.

As All Music Guide notes of the Crazy Horses album,"the Osmonds attempted to roughen up their clean-cut musical image with some hard rock and psychedelia -- Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' riff is used for bottom-heavy effect on 'Hold Me Tight,' while Sgt. Pepper's-era Beatles and Paul McCartney are the inspiration for 'What Could It Be' and 'We All Fall Down.'"

Ha ha. Well, there you have it and it's pretty amusing. If ever there was a compelling reason to go up to the attic to dust off the old parental vinyl collection for hidden treasures, this is it. Enjoy!"


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