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Favourite band per decade


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I just thought about this while reading through the "best decade for music" thread. I think this will be a fun way to compare tastes as instead of picking which decade is your favourite or has the most bands or albums you like, you have to pick a band for each decade. You can start earlier than I am but I'm not well versed enough in the decades prior to the 60s to really pick favourites. I guess Miles Davis for the 1950s but I don't know really. Only count albums released in each decade so for example don't pick GNR for the 90s just because they were really popular then if you don't like the Illusions and only really love Appetite and Chinese. I hope that makes sense. Also if you pick GNR as your favourite of the 1980s don't put Use Your Illusion 2 as favourite album for example - it has to be from the decade. Feel free to explain why you picked each band, their significance on the decade in music or culture, their influence, etc etc etc.

1960s - The Beatles - Of course, The Beatles. There's plenty of other options and I hope we all don't pick the Beatles but really how do you beat the powerhouse run of Rubber Soul -> Revolver -> Sgt. Pepper's -> Magical Mystery Tour (fucking love this one so even though it's not a full album I always include it) -> The White Album -> Abbey Road. It's funny how they're THE 1960s band considering they released the lackluster Let It Be in 1970 and broke up soon after. The universe wouldn't allow them to rule 2 decades!

Favourite album: Revolver or the White Album.... I could never pick.

Runners up: Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground

1970s - Black Sabbath - Fucking sabbath. They're really on top of metal. The first 6 albums are all amazing and certain songs on the others are great too. It's Alright! Junior's Eyes! They definitely largely fell off after Sabotage but how do you fault them after 6 classics. Six! Who else has released 6 albums in one decade where they all kicked ass? Much less back to back.

Favourite album: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Runners up: David Bowie, Led Zeppelin

1980s - Pixies - I had a hard time not giving this to Tom Waits. Tom had more albums that were awesome but Doolittle may just be my favourite album ever. It's perfect. Even Silver has it's place for me as a chill break before Gouge Away comes in and basically says "here you Nirvana, now go get famous!". Being that Surfer Rosa also kicks ass they have to get it. The songs Hey, Debaser, Tame, Where is my Mind?, Cactus, Bone Machine.... unreal. Black Francis' vocals are so untamed and wild he sounds down-right evil on those first two albums.

Favourite album: Doolittle

Runners up: Tom Waits, Guns N' Roses

1990s - Nirvana - The most hyped and the most famous band of the decade. You can't always rely on popular consensus to pick a favourite, mostly you can't, but the public got it right here. Even their dirtiest demos were classics. Though they released nothing as good as Doolittle they're easily more consistent than the Pixies. Nevermind was classic. Incesticide was dirty and cool as hell. In Utero is one of my favourites ever. Unplugged is perfect. There's so much more to them than the hits some of the best songs are virtually unknown and can be found on With The Lights Out - NOT the "best" of the box disk they put out afterward. It's always painful to think Kurt died in his prime... You Know You're Right is a top 10 Nirvana song and it's virtually the final thing he did.

Favourite album: In Utero

Runners up: Radiohead, Wu Tang Clan (including solo stuff), Guns N' Roses

2000s - Radiohead - The easiest pick for me. Kid A (probably my favourite above Doolittle and a few others) -> Amnesiac -> Hail to the Thief -> In Rainbows. Wow. For me there's no 4 album run as strong as that since the Beatles. Every album is different, much like the Beatles, and every one is perfect. I can't say enough about this band they're my favourite of all time and though many, maybe most, people think their high was in the 90s with The Bends and Ok Computer I think they really took off with Kid A and all the albums after are better (except The King Of Limbs but that came out this decade so it doesn't count). Who else is packing variety like Life in a Glass House, Idioteque, Gagging Order, Kid A, Reckoner, Bodysnatchers? No one. Radiohead perfected every style they touched last decade.

Favourite album: Kid A or In Rainbows... I could never pick!

Runners up: Modest Mouse, Queens of The Stone Age

2010s - We just started so it's really too hard to say... Honestly I can't even pick as there's just been a few albums that really struck a chord with me the past 3 years and some I don't see the artist releasing any more this decade or very much this decade (Tom Waits). I predict it could be Fleet Foxes though I see them going on for a while and getting better and better.

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On my way out the door so figured I would try this quickly off the top of my head and see how I felt coming back to it later to give it some serious thought...

1950s - Little Richard

1960s - The Doors

1970s - Sex Pistols

1980s - Guns N Roses

1990s - Manic Street Preachers

2000s - The Libertines

2010s - The Gaslight Anthem

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60s Stones. Runners up: Hendrix Experience/Cream

70s Zeppelin. Runners up: Deep Purple/Floyd/Sabbath

80s Maiden

90s slim pickings, maybe Metallica or Guns, but can't be bothered picking, it was all kind of a bummer.

00s VR/Maiden/XJapan

10s Maiden. Honorable mentions to The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, AX7, Disturbed, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, and Rival Sons.

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1960's- CCR- love johns voice and the music is very catchy and sticks with you for a very long time put out classic album after classic album

Favorite album- green river

Runners up: the doors

1970's- black sabbath- what can be said about the founders of metal? 6 great albums in the 1970's

Favorite album- sabotage

runners up- deep purple,thin lizzy, lynyrd skynyrd,rainbow

1980's- black sabbath- sabbath came back stronger than ever with dio and then with ian gillan and tony martin

Favorite album- heaven and hell

Runners up- slayer,candlemass, dio, solitude aeturnus, bathory,iron maiden,judas priest,testament,venom,mercyful fate,king diamond, sodom (and many more to count)

1990's- guns n roses- although most gnr fans love the 1980s output of AFD and lies the most i prefer the UYI albums(although AFD and Lies are amazing as well)

Favorite album- use your illusion 2

runners up- bathory, blind guardian, demolition hammer, count raven, candlemass

2000's- forefather- amazing black/viking metal band from england 2 brothers that are just amazing musicians.

favorite album- steadfast

runners up- toxic holocaust, ensiferum,isole,lord vicar, candlemass,hellcannon, bathory, deadnight, doomsword

2010's- skeletonwitch- great blackened thrash band from ohio, very melodic riffs and vocals

favorite album- forever abomination

runners up- warbringer, evangelist, the gates of slumber, toxic holocaust

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Too difficult for me to do, to be honest. I know my choices for two decades but that's about it:

1980s - Iron Maiden

An unbelievable string of metal classics that still hold up today and don't sound dated. The Number of the Beast all the way through until Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is one of the best runs for albums that I've ever seen from a band. So they definitely get my vote for the 80s.

Runner up for the 80s would be Queensrÿche with albums like Warning, Rage For Order, and Operation: Mindcrime. All amazing albums also. If they had Empire in the 80s, then it may have been a tie with Maiden.

1990s - Porcupine Tree

Same story as Maiden, really. A string of unbelievable albums of their own genre. Albums like The Sky Moves Sideways, Signify, Stupid Dream, Lightbulb Sun are untouchable. Much better than a lot of Radiohead releases I've listened to from the same decade. That's not a knock on Radiohead, but more like a recognition of Porcupine Tree's amazing work. I do like Radiohead, but they still don't come close for me.

Runner up for the 90s would be Dream Theater. Images & Words, Awake, A Change of Seasons, and Scenes From a Memory are all fantastic albums. Well, A Change of Seasons is an EP, but it has the title track which is brilliant.

The other decades are just too difficult for me to pinpoint one particular artist. I have multiple favourites from the 70s and more recent decades. Even the 60s would be difficult for me. So I'll just put the 80s and 90s here.

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Sorry, I'm not able to pick just one band as a favorite for any decade.

60s - The Doors/The Stones/Jimi Hendrix

70s - Led Zeppelin/The Stones

80s - GNR/NWA

90's - Oasis/Outkast

00's - Eminem

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1960s- The Rolling Stones

1970s- Fleetwood Mac

1980s- Runrig

1990s- In Flames

2000s- Coheed & Cambria

2010s- Rachel Sermanni

That's based purely upon the band who released the most material I enjoy to the greatest degree within their respective decade.

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40's - Benny Goodman,Sinatra

50's - Elvis,Little Richard,Jerry Lee Lewis,Eddie Cochran...I can't break it down any better than that. B)

60's - Beatles

70's - Stones,Alice Cooper Group,Sex Pistols

80's - Dead Kennedys,Ramones,GBH

90's - GnR

2000's - VR

2010's - Maiden

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50s: Chuck Berry

The guy had more influence on the rock guitar than Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix ever did and his songs live on to this day even if he is a creepy fuck who videotapes women crapping and pissing in a restroom at a restaurant he owns.

60s: The Beatles

I've always enjoyed the Beatles. My first CD was the Yellow Submarine soundtrack and to this day its my all time favorite Beatles record and one of my top 10s.

70s: Aerosmith

I could have picked Led Zeppelin but chose Aerosmith because they at least were original and raw (not to say Zeppelin wasn't original and raw). But I just really like their 70's stuff a lot. Besides without Aerosmith We Would not have "the most dangerous band in the world".

80s: Guns N' Roses

If I didn't like them why would I be here?

90s: Alice In Chains

Always enjoyed Layne and Jerry's vocal duo. Their vocal blend always seemed to work with each other

00s: Motion City Soundtrack

Got into this band way back in high school. Most people never heard of them back then and they only had two albums out. They have been called pop-punk but I don't consider them pop punk. I consider them more indie rock/indie pop. They are just a good band to mellow down to.

10s: Whitechapel

I like all kinds of metal but for a long time now I have been listening to loads of metalcore/deathcore bands and to me Whitechapel stands out of all of them stands out more than the others. hey don't seem as "core" to me as the rest. Their latest album A New Era Of Corruption doesn't have the clichéd breakdowns that most bands of these genres have. It's not deathcore imo, but sort of like in between deahtcore/death metal with some subtle metalcore thrown in. It's not truly deathcore nor is it truly death metal.

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1960s - The Doors

Runners up: The Rolling Stones, The Drifters, The Beatles

1970s - Led Zeppelin

Runners up: Queen, Aerosmth, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, The Doors

1980s - Guns N' Roses

Runners up: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica Motley Crue, Skid Row

1990s - Soundgarden

Runners up: Pearl Jam, Orgy, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative

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60's - The Beatles

Runners up ; Stones, Beach Boys, The Bee Gees (All their 60's output is quality)

70's - Led Zeppelin

Runners up ; Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Abba (anybody who says they don't like at least 1 Abba song should be treated with suspicion !)

80's -The Smiths, "You shut your mouth, how can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am a human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does"

"There's a club, if you'd like to go. You could meet somebody who really loves you.. So you go, and you stand on your own and you leave on your own and you go home, and you cry and you want to die"

Runners up - GNR, REM, The Replacements

90's - Oasis

Runners up- Nirvana, Blur, Alice In Chains

00's - The Vines

Runners Up - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Strokes, QOTSA

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1960's - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The man paved the way for all my favourite guitar players, and definitely influenced me as a player.

1970's - Led Zeppelin

This is more or less a given strictly because of what they were capable of live for their time. The mix of chemistry, technicality and proper attitude was perfect. My favourite band of all time.

1980's - Guns N' Roses

Duh! I just want to say that I think Metallica and Iron Maiden are great competition for this decade, but on a personal level I've always been more of a hard rock guy than a metal guy!

1990's - Pearl Jam

Once again, this seems like a given to me just because of what they're capable of as a live band. A different setlist every night is admirable but it means nothing without the chops to match, and they've got it. My favourite active band.

2000's - The White Stripes

This is more just for Jack White, although I have nothing against Meg's playing compared to some other people. In an age of perfectionism and over analyzing, I think this group is exactly what rock music needed, their music is certainly what I needed.

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