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If it was Axl & Izzy would you be satisfied?

Screamin' Demon

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I've never understood this mentality that it's only Gn'R if it's Axl n' Slash workin' together. When you listen to the solo music etc, while Slash is by miles a more soulful player than Izzy, his guitaring always came across to me more as the icing on the cake rather than the cake itself. Whenever I listen to solo songs, Izzy's has the most Gn'Resque ring to it. Personally I would take an Axl n' Izzy reunion anyday over an Axl n' Slash, because for one there is so much more magic, mutual agreement and understanding between Axl n' Izzy, an' Izzy as I said before, was the guy who gave Gn'R the badass attitude n' grunt to the sound of the music. I may get flamed but I'd take Izzy over Slash any day out of the two options. In fact if we just got Izzy back, I'd be more than satisfied n' I'd think it good enough to call this band Guns N' Roses.

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