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Best way to get tickets for a gig in another country?


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Basically, I saw GNR in London the other night for the 3rd time. It was incredible and left me wanting even more, and I was sorry I didn't have a ticket for the 2nd night, especially when I was staying so close to the o2! I really want to see them again as you don't know when they'll be back. Might be a couple of years, might have dropped half the setlist, axl isn't getting any younger and might be worse, who knows what the future holds. So I wanna see them again.

So then I started to think I could go abroad to see them, as I'm quite fancying a holiday somewhere too. I took Palma, Spain as a date I'd love to go to, and I looked for tickets. Not one ticket on eBay, ticketmaster only had uk dates, and I only came across a few tickets on some other site (might have been seetickets) But the cheapest ones were like £80 whereas they were about 50 here wtf? I looked at France, and those were ranging from 100-300!

Any suggestions?

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