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Old GN'R concerts you wish were officially released to DVD?

Vincent Vega

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What are the Old GN'R concerts you wish were released on DVD?

For me:

Ritz 1988

1989 Opening for Stones Performances.

Farm Aid 1990 (as a bonus feature on the Ritz '88 DVD since it is so short)

Rio 1991 (Compilation DVD of both nights)

Ritz 1991

Alpine Valley 1991 (first "official" show of the UYI tour)

Indiana 1991 (Axl's voice is bad but he and the band are full of energy)

Madison Square Garden 1991 (GN'R's first ever show at the Garden)

Wembley 1991

Chicago 1992

Paris 1992

Prague 1992

Freddie Mercury Tribute Special 1992

Argentina 1992

Boston 1993

Israel 1993

Milton Keyes 1993

Argentina 1993

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Argentina 1992, Chicago 1992 or Paris 1992, as all are better performances than the Tokyo release. However, as good as Paris 1992 is performance wise, the set list is pretty weak compared to other shows on that tour.

I think the best thing to do would be a KISSology style release. Even a three disc set would probably be enough.

Disc 1 could contain highlights from the Appetite years, like the full Ritz show plus some other highlighted performances, interviews, and bonus clips.

Discs 2 and 3 could cover the Illusions tour. Two discs namely because it was so massive. They could include that documentary about the Rio show, two full concerts, performance highlights (for example, if they didn't include the Chicago concert, they could include "Coma" as a rarity as well as some other rarely performed songs from other shows), interviews, and so on.

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