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02 arena june 1st review

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Funny Stuff!... Yet still a interesting read, thanks for posting.

"Technically they weren’t actually late since the security told us that they never confirmed a start time"

"Axl saved his best for the most demonic version of ‘Shacklers Revenge’ you will ever hear"

"Frank Ferrer is easily the most exciting and intricate drummer the band has ever had"

"Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba do not look like GNR band members"

"10 instrumental jams/songs/solos did take their toll and in any other circumstances I would label them as cliché"


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Had a look around that site, recognised the guy, he was in front of me in the queue, seemed pretty cool. He was towards the front centre, so he had a pretty good view of the night's proceedings :thumbsup:

Was you chatting to the guy by any chance?

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