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06/08/12 - Mönchengladbach, Germany - OPEN AIR


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5:00pm - Entry

7:00pm - Rival Sons

8:00pm - Guns N' Roses

*Time in Germany


Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


Rocket Queen


Richard Fortus Solo

Live and Let Die

This I Love


Shackler's Revenge

Tommy Stinson Solo - Motivation

Dizzy Reed Solo - Baba O'Riley

Street of Dreams

You Could Be Mine

DJ Ashba Solo - Ballad of Death

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Brick in the Wall

Axl Rose Piano Solo

November Rain

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal Solo - Glad To Be Here

Don't Cry

Civil War

Knockin' On Heaven's Door



Paradise City

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Can't wait for the show. We'll be late at the venue so I hope Rival Sons don't start before 8 pm. GnR won't be onstage before 10 pm anyway, so hopepully there won't be any curfew problems (they're officially scheduled 8 pm...).

Third concert for me, can't wait to hear Estranged / Civil War live!

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LOL at Guns N' Roses: 8:00.

PM or AM the next day???

Not a dig at the band I just think that's hilarious. Now THAT is contempt for the audience, whoever said that (and guaranteed it wasn't the redhead).

Do people show up to restaurants that are notoriously full expecting to be seated right away as well?

Seriously, how do people not know better by now?

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There's a curfew at 10.45 pm, that's going to be exciting.

Well, apart from the fact that GN'R is the band with the slogan "We do what we wanna do" :rolleyes:, they don't really pay much attention to curfews in Germany anymore. At least not in my hillbilly town. The band should be able to perform till about 1am. And if not, they could always say "It's still before 10.45 somewhere" ;) plus the crowd could still riot, in which case curfew wouldn't be at 10.45 anyway :xmassrudolph:

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