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The first night of the UCAP tour...


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how is everything at slashs house volcano? has he told any lies since :rolleyes:

Lies? Just read his book bro.

Proof of the "lies?"

Gargling up one or two liners from Axl doesn't count.

And no more time and date discrepancies. That was pathetic. There's a difference between mistaken about dates and times and lying.

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So, to play the weaker song as the opener would get a better crowd response than any other place in the set.

I hate to be the one to make the obvious point here but if you have to play a song as the opener because it wouldn't get a response anywhere else in the set then maybe just don't play it at all? I know it's a radical idea but maybe drop it completely, add in one of the good songs from CD later in the set and bring Jungle back as the opener. I mean if the excuse for playing CD at the start is that it's not good enough to play anywhere else then maybe it's just not good enough period? Just a thought. :)

Perhaps that's the reason the never played it in 06? I love it, but I know the majority don't. It is strange that the first hour of any gnr concert does tend to be the same each night, it's only when getting towards the encore things are switched around slightly.

Big King, if the setlist is important to you, how many shows have you seen? how many are you attending?

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