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London o2 second show - sound

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So I went to the second o2 show and as usual had a great time… but I really struggled to hear Axl in the mix. It was fine in the quieter bits, but as soon as the guitars kicked I struggled to make him out. I’ve since listened to the youtube clips and you can hear him really clearly. I was standing about 5-7 people deep from the front on the right hand side.. (I was near a massive guy with long hair who kept getting into a fight with this bald guy…pretty funny if you were there!). Anyway, so I thought it might be my positioning was not best for the sound… but I was at the o2 for the 2010 show about the same place but on the left and the sound was fine..?

So I want to know; why was this? And where should I stand next time?!

On a side note it was awesome to hear 14 years my favourite song when I was 10…. and Shackler’s live blew me away!

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if you are near the front and particularly to either the left or right you are not hearing the full sound. For instance you won't hear the left speaker if you were on the right.

I stood at the right for a lot of shows and you are basically under the speaker so a lot of the sound goes past above you. I stood back at this show and heard it a lot better than I did the first night at the o2 which was front right hand side.

So, for a clear sound stand back in the audience, for a more personal experience with the band members, get up front.

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i was in the seats for the 2011 tour and it was perfect sound, for the 2012 show i was literally leaning over the stage and it was pretty hard to hear Axl at times (that was my favorite show though) so i think when youre closer its harder to hear

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