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Steven Adler on UYI songs--rehearsal tape from 1989

Vincent Vega

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There is a leaked recording of a GN'R rehearsal from 1989. Axl wasn't present, but Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven were. UYI songs were tried out.

1. Don't Damn Me [1]

2. Don't Damn Me [2]

3. Garden Of Eden

4. Locomotive

5. Dust N Bones

Listening to it, I think Slash, Izzy & Duff sound GREAT but IMO Adler is the weak link on here. His timing is all off and his drum sound lacks the hard punch needed for the more Metal inspired UYI songs, which makes them sound less powerful than they are. AFD is a less heavy record than the UYIs. It's like putting a regular hard rock drummer in Led Zeppelin. Songs like the UYIs by their very composition need a heavier hitter.

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I agree the bootleg something sounds off. However I am not going to jump to conclusions that a sober Steven Adler couldn't have sounded great on the UYI.

-This is from 1989, so I would have to believe these recordings were very early UYI rehersals, or an informal jam session who knows. This could have been the first time they ever even played these songs for all we know.

-We have no idea how this was recorded. Maybe the guitar speakers were closer to the recording source while the drums were further away? I am not sure.

One of my great hypothetical GNR scenarios would be for Steven to be on UYI with no Dizzy Reed. This gives us a glimpse, but a very small peek I am afraid.

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