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Favorite Axl look


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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

1991 in hotpants and a flannel shirt. :wub:

I also loved it when he was dressed in leader in the 80's. He was sexy back then. His teeth was horrible though, so I'll go with the 1991.

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For me the most defining look would be Axl Rose at the Ritz. Snake skin boots, bandana, black vest, skin tight trousers, tattoos on show, young looks. That's the character Axl will always be remembered for. Its the essence of Guns N'Roses. The look matched the music.

During the Use Your Illusion years, he became a fruit loop. Bright blue jackets, swimming trunks, what was Axl trying to say ? - meltdown ?

Vegas 2000 saw Axl show up on stage wearing black and red baggy track suite bottoms. Here was someone, with a new record in the works, someone who appeared to have lost all direction. I think Axl possibly had a head full of Chinese, and the track suite bottoms where some sort of cross-over messsage The West (America) meets The East (Chinese Kung-Fu). Bucekthead possibly weighed heavily on his mind. I still believe to this Axl thought he had won some sort of internal war getting Bucket onboard. Here was a technical guitarist, possibly the only one on earth who could play live Axl's vision, and some how erase Slash. As we all know, Buckethead use GN'R as a platform to further his own career.

The Braids era Axl was just painful to look at. One or two photo's looked ok, but for the rest - EPIC FAIL

Now in 2012 we have a 50 year old Axl who will do anything to stay yound, and possibly connect with the young. He probably don't have a clue as to whats hip and what isn't, but be emulating Dj Ash, he is possibly buying into it all.

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel



oh my GOD :wub: YES!!

True story: I sent a picture of Axl from farm aid and a pair of juicy couture jeans to a dressmaker and she made me a fantastic copy of those jeans. I still wear them :wub:

Here's one of my favourite pictures of Axl. I have it stored on the computer. :wub:


This is true. It's scary how fast he whips this one out.

I always loved these as well:





I LOVED the babyface Axl look. I'm a sucker for it. He and a young Leo Di Caprio are dreamboats.

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